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A Mystery Listing In Grass Valley

granite counter top in bright white kitchen

When they say the life of a Realtor never gets boring, they weren’t joking around!  I picked up a new listing over the holidays in the most peculiar way and I want to tell the story.

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The Historic Folsom District Brings The Holidays To Life

Sutter Street, Folsom, CA Christmas Lights

I’m excited to talk about our evening visiting Sutter Street because it was a very welcomed dose of Christmas spirit! 

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10 Wonderful Places to Visit in Grass Valley and Nevada City

Downtown nevada city, California

Grass Valley and Nevada City are postcard towns full of history, community, and outdoor adventure. Each town is an unforgettable visit in itself for locals and out-of-towners alike. So read on and find out what makes these charming mountain towns just so darn adorable.

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10 Unforgettable Moments In Auburn California

Auburn is a delightful contrast of modern convenience and old town charm. This is the place where you go for boutique shopping to find that one-of-a-kind gift. Where Friday evenings buzz with live music and tap houses mixing up the best Moscow mules in town, chilled copper mugs included. And with the Sierra Nevada's in our backyard, this is the place where boundless adventure awaits.

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A Countdown of the Top 7 Reasons Your Home Is Not Selling (Yet!)

Selling a home is a brave decision. You are essentially putting your life on display for strangers to judge your living space with the power of their pocketbooks. This can be absolutely nerve-wracking for sellers, first timers and seasoned pros alike. 

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A Family DIY Experience

This is the third house I’ve sold for my sister Amber and her boyfriend Tommaso. What makes this listing unique though, is it’s the first home they've had that wasn’t a condo. Which means it was time to take care of some renovations come selling time!

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New Holiday Market Opens In Auburn!

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Must Visit Water Escape and Park in Penn Valley

Western Gateway Park entrance

Today us and the girls spent a wonderful bit of time at Western Gateway Park in Penn Valley. And wow, I am impressed and refreshed!
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Selling Your Home? Best (quick and easy) Home Improvements To Increase Value

Selling your house is a BIG decision. Our home defines us and getting it show-ready for strangers to come and judge it can be downright scary. What’s more, these judgments mean the difference between a FOR SALE or a SOLD sign on your lawn.

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4 Money Reasons Homeowners Are Leaving California (And Where They Are Buying Homes Instead)

Snowy road on the way to Lake Tahoe, California

California is great in so many ways. From the redwood coasts of Santa Cruz to the alpine majesty that is Lake Tahoe, our geography is world-class. With Gold Rush ghost towns and port cities built on the dreams of immigrants, our history is diverse and inspiring.

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